“You could waste your life that way and never touch the truth.”

Thos. Pynchon, The Crying of Lot 49

The First Circle of the Enigma of Secret Histories was an alternate-reality game which began with clues embedded within the code of Cultist Simulator, and which revealed hidden lore concerning many things, including a conflict between immortals which might have figured prominently in the cancelled PROCOPIUS. The great schism of 2019, sometimes called the Time of Troubles, put an end to this first golden age of community collaboration and collective obsession, and the Enigma itself closed several months later; still, a record was preserved by Lyrositor, one of the luminaries of the community in those days, who hosted it on his website. The security certificate for the Enigma-specific page (/enigma) has now expired, and the Library Serpentine now provides a mirror, so that the details of the early seekers’ efforts might not be forgotten.

Lyros stopped updating the Enigma of Glory website past Phase XIX. The final three stages (at least, the ones that were reached: there were more remaining to be found when the curtain abruptly fell on the venture) are not yet documented; but a slightly expurgated lore compilation (also originally from Lyros, and also preserved here lest Winter take it) gives some particulars of what was found there. The present author has access to the public discussions among the Enigmatics of the day and hopes to reconstruct the details of Phases XX-XXII to the standard of Lyros’ document eventually.

The first Enigma is a haunting piece of writing– haunting, in part, because grimly, unconsciously prophetic of the end that would come for it. It begins with a reference to Pynchon’s Crying of Lot 49 and ends abruptly in an auction-hall, the auctioneer’s gavel frozen moments before it falls, frozen forever. All that is now possible is to settle back and await the crying of the last, the very last, the world’s last dragon.

A. Winifred Lockwood
Christmas Night, 2022

Lyrositor’s Original Guide to the Labyrinth
Introduction, and Hints.
LOre Compilation: Boart Your Name, Boart Your Skin.
Phase 0: At what?
Phase I: Remember our what?
Phase II: Remember our what?
Phase III:
Remember our what?
Phase IV:
One may speak of F., or of what?
Phase V: There was insufficient what?
Phase VI:
Where is Ornithelmous?
Phase VII: Of whom do you furiously dream?
Phase VIII:
Sometimes there is what?
Phase IX:
For whom who lost his crown?
Phase X:
There have always been what?
Phase XI:
N. aren’t, any more than s., or what?
Phase XII:
She called her what?
Phase XIII:
The wrong what?
Phase XIV:
Old man, you’re what?
Phase XV: It must be who?
Phase XVI:
They passed where?
Phase XVII:
Await your what?
Phase XVIII: Await your what?
Phase XIX: There will be a what?

Lockwood’s Continuation –
Harmony’s Final Failure Before the Division
Phase XX: Awaiting its Exegesis
Phase XXI:
Awaiting its Exegesis
Phase XXII:
Awaiting its Exegesis
Phase XXIII,
and After: Only to Be Imagined, Or Mourned.

All things cease; but all nights end.

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