In which one arrives at their destination.

Solved: 2018-07-01


Unlike previous phases, this phase is not clearly marked, and has no known clues. It is therefore assumed this phase corresponds to the player arriving at Steam or GOG and finding the private betas. Each beta is locked by the corresponding Feather or Scale password:

  • Feather (somewhere): Ornithelmous
  • Scale (nowhere): Helminthraxed

On Steam, these are accessed by right-clicking the game in the launcher, going to Properties > Betas, and inputting the password.

On GOG, one must use GOG Galaxy, go to the game’s page and then More > Settings, turn Beta Channels on, then select the option “Add private channels” to input the appropriate password.

The player must then download either of the private betas (there are no differences between them) to access the next phase.


  • 2018-07-01: Phase VII is discovered and solved by the Discord.

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