The Skeleton Songs is a podcast of literature, game design, the fantastic, and the occult, hosted by the inimitable and irreplaceable Lottie Bevan and Alexis Kennedy of the Weather Factory. The Librarian, in her battle to map the wildering corners of the Secret Histories, has taken it upon herself to transcribe the recordings into a searchable, accessible, and text-based form. This is a slow and amateur endeavour, and the transcripts are neither authorised by the creators nor guaranteed to be accurate, but as it gets completed, fresh instalments will be shelved away here. Birdsong fades; the written word endures.

The First Collection

First Canto: Vampires, As You Don’t Know Them.
Second Canto: The Terrible Tale of the Yale
Third Canto: Doppelgängers, Fetches, and Ka
Fourth Canto: Forbidden Knowledge
Fifth Canto: Women, Bloody Women
Sixth Canto: (Un)Reliable Narrators
Seventh Canto: Top Hat, Flight Guy, and Tales
Eighth Canto: An Inheritance of Stones
CONSERVATION NOTICE: The remaining scores are marked SUPPRESS following an outbreak of theoplasmic contamination. House Sibilant does not apologise for the inconvenience caused. House Sibilant Preserves What Exists.

Have a spooky day.

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