Hello, Seeker.

Perhaps you have come across a mystery while playing Cultist Simulator. Perhaps you wish to learn more. Read on.

This website is now archived, and will no longer be updated. [And First Enigma is dead, dead as diamonds]

Cultist Simulator is host to a small semi-secret, ARG-like series of puzzles collectively referred to as Enigma. In the developer’s own words, “[i]t serves as a treasure hunt challenge for a minority of very engaged players, it provides additional snippets of fictional lore and teasers about upcoming game content, and it allows [him] to have fun with the fourth wall”. This website is an effort to document this puzzle, both for new players through a series of hints and grizzled veterans keen on revisiting the solutions.

The puzzle is organized in a number of phases taking place across multiple locations. No particular lore knowledge [was] required to begin with, though no such guarantees [could be] made about the later phases.

If you are interested in participating, you are warmly invited to join us on the Cultist Simulator Discord, in the #introduction-to-enigma channel, where we will be happy to assist you with more targeted hinting in private.


There are currently 22 phases to the enigma. You will need to have reached Phase XXII in order to access all the content on this website. Each phase’s information is locked behind a question that can only be answered once the phase has been solved.


The higher I rise the more I see.

For an optimal experience, I recommend joining the Cultist Simulator Discord and asking for help in #introduction-to-enigma. Somebody is sure to come along sooner rather than later to help you. You will be able to join the existing Enigma-solving community and partake in lore discussion, live solvings, and general nonsense.

If the path you walk is a lone one, however, you may refer to this page for some gentle nudges in the right direction. And always keep in mind the two cardinal rules of Enigma:

  • Rule #1 – Don’t overthink it: With some exceptions in the later phases, the simpler answer is usually the correct one. If you are confronted with a lot of text, most of it will be fluff and red herrings.
  • Rule #2 – Google and Frangiclave are your friends: The enigma requires some external knowledge you are unlikely to have at the start. Be sure to refer to your favourite search engine for general knowledge queries and Frangiclave for lore look-up (or the wiki, though it contains less of the in-game text).

Per-phase hints are provided below. Reading a later phase’s hints will not help you solve it accidentally early-on:

  • Phase 0: Choose between Bird and Worm, and seek the effected change beneath.
  • Phase I: Who, how and what are all that matters.
  • Phase II: No hints provided.
  • Phase III: No hints provided.
  • Phase IV: Worms before birds, yet both are of equal import.
  • Phase V: Recall earlier phrasing.
  • Phase VI: When is water invisible?
  • Phase VII: No hints provided.
  • Phase VIII: Poe wrote of the woman dreamt.
  • Phase IX: The club prefers its own web of intrigue.
  • Phase X: Repeat the club’s name.
  • Phase XI: Bring them together, and ask yourself who is talking, and under what name.
  • Phase XII: Yes. You exist. What else exists?
  • Phase XIII: Re-enact what happened. Lines were drawn. Animals, recalled.
  • Phase XIV: What are they responsible for? What are their responsibilities for?
  • Phase XV: The god, without origin. The error, of greater significance than first assumed. The month, ended with Caesar.
  • Phase XVI: Of worms and saintly spiciness.
  • Phase XVII: No harmony, aloud.
  • Phase XVIII: No hints provided.
  • Phase XIX: As instructed. As written.
  • Phase XX: Not yet available.
  • Phase XXI: Not yet available.

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