In which one brings the hungry ones together.

Solved: 2018-07-07


The page for Phase XI can easily be missed as there is precious little hinting to it and it is not strictly necessary to progress:

There have always been seven, but not always the same seven, and it has not always been the Ligeia Club. It is very rare for the seven to meet in convocation, but now and then it occurs, especially in the moon’s twelfth phase. [This is Phase XI.]

The solution to the first part of the puzzle involves simply bringing together all the members of the Ligeia Club and merging their names into one new page name, in the order in which they are presented on the Phase X page. This leads to this page:êidouchosmarinettemedusamorgenrowenasulochana

The Locksmith’s Dream: Incursus

“The Law goes back all the way to Stone: the Keys cannot be held or owned. This had, I believe, the unexpected consequence that those outside the law may hold and own them. But even they cannot keep them. And of course a Key is no more physical than a spirit. But a spirit may be housed in a body, and I have touched a Key with my own hands.

“The next question we must answer: what is real? If you ask me – “

The Locksmith’s Dream is a series of books written by Teresa Galmier, and the specific volume referenced in the title, while present in the game files (with bonus text for getting it signed by Teresa) is not actually obtainable, and was added much later. The last line of the hint text, also added later, indicates the method by which the phase can be solved, and should be read as an indication that one needs to message Teresa Galmier to ask what is real. The trick lies in finding the right name to use, which, in this instance, is Baldomera. One then need only send a message to; the contents of the message do not matter.

An email response should then be received within the next few minutes; the delay in the response has been observed to go as high as 30 minutes.


  • 2018-07-04: Phase XI is discovered by the Discord.
  • 2018-07-06: The first step is solved by the Discord.
  • 2018-07-07: Phase XI is solved by the Discord.

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