In which one finds a club within a club.

Solved: 2018-07-04


Phase X is in the unusual position of providing sufficient clues for both Phase XI and Phase XII. Therefore, all information for reaching Phase XII will be provided on Phase XI’s page.

The Ligeia Club website is organized into several pages that provide clues for solving each phase. The ones that can be found from the start are the following:

  • /: “In memory of Rowena, for whom Fortigan lost its crown. [This is the tenth phase of the moon. The eleventh phase concerns the members of the Ligeia Club, those hungry ones who come together beneath the moon: monster-mother, key-keeper, dry-handed, serpent-blooded, sea-born, kingdom-breaker, cobra-child.]” (title: “The Ligeia Club”)
  • /lion: “The Biting Key was known in an age before other gods. It is found only in the presence of monsters.” (title: “Lion”)
  • /mare: “The Mare’s Key opens the door that leads Nowhere. It is employed only with the best intentions.” (title: “Mare”)
  • /boar: “The Flaying Key was present at the birth of all the gods-from-Blood. For the Key to occur, a black pig must be sacrificed.” (title: “Boar”)
  • /eagle: “The Key of Days opens the Tricuspid Gate. All the gods-from-Light have employed it. At the Crossroads, it may sometimes be invoked.” (title: “Eagle”)
  • /bull: “When housed in ivory, the Key of David can be used to open the White Door. It requires a rarer house to open the Summit Gate. The Sea-Born has been known to wield it.” (title: “Bull”)
  • /hydra: “The Princes owned the Key of Night, and their daughter holds it still.” (title: “Hydra”)
  • /hind: “The Stag Door opens to the Forest Key, but there is another door that Key opens, deep in the Wood.” (title: “Hind”)
  • /arthur: “Still he sleeps.” (title: “Arthur”)
  • /gawain: “One such as Medusa may not be ended easily – not without a wound as grievous as hers.” (title: “Gawain”)
  • /fortigan: “Fortigan would it had been otherwise.” (title: “Fortigan”)
  • /echidna: “The gods-who-were-Stone knew the uses of the Biting Key, and now Echidna claims it. She has birthed so many children, and some yet survive.” (title: “Echidna”)
  • /kleidouchosempty (title: “êi”)
  • /klêidouchos: “She has known all the Keys, but now she holds the Key of Days. She it was who opened the door the Watchman passed. She meets the Vagabond each year in Vienna.” (title: “Klêidouchos”)
  • /marinette: “So young, so hungry. All her children cannot slake her thirst. When Moth rose, another held the Flaying Key, but at the Grail’s bidding did Marinette consume that she.” (title: “Marinette”)
  • /morgen: “Sea-born, tide-drawn. She is jealous of the key of black sapphire, but so many times it has fled her. Of all her kind, she knows the House of the Moon best. Meniscate-sister, Witch-lover.” (title: “Morgen”)
  • /medusa: “She might be the oldest of her kind still living; and she is dead. Once she held the key to the door in the Wood.” (title: “Medusa”)
  • /rowena: “She holds the Mare’s Key, which opens the door to Nowhere. Now and then, she has lent it unwisely.” (title: “Rowena”)
  • /sulochana: “Her father came from the Fifth History, but she was born here, and here she brews her venoms. She is constant in her friendship; sometimes, she withholds her poisons. Since she became what she now is, she has ceased to dislike cats.” (title: “Sulochana”)
  • /houseofthemoon: “Why only one? Why only two?” (title: “House of the Moon”)
  • /ligeiaclub: “There have always been seven, but not always the same seven, and it has not always been the Ligeia Club. It is very rare for the seven to meet in convocation, but now and then it occurs, especially in the moon’s twelfth phase. [This is Phase XI.]” (title: “The Ligeia Club”)
  • /boart: “Perhaps you missed the matter of the smoky satisfaction. Don’t pursue it. It will avail you nothing.” (title: “Boart”)
  • /lapsang: “Welcome to Phase T.” (title: “Lapsang”)
  • /phaset: “The traveller is always returning. One who does not is no traveller. I hope you understand.” (title: empty; redirects to Justified And Ancient [All Bound For Mu Mu Land] – The KLF (MV) 1991)

The animals can be found by consulting earlier phases for mentions of them.

The saints are references to Fallen London’s Seeking Mr Eaten’s Name quest-line.

Boart, Lapsang and Phase T are references to various tweets by Alexis Kennedy, and are not used to solve the enigma itself.

The members of the Ligeia Club can be found either by consulting the game (where possible) or by matching up their epithets with their names, as follows:


Phase XI is then reached simply by guessing the /ligeiaclub URL.


  • 2018-07-03: Phase X is discovered by the Discord.
  • 2018-07-04: Phase X is solved by the Discord.

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