In which one realizes what is real.

Solved: 2018-08-15


Upon emailing Baldomera, one receives an email reply with the following text:

That was my secret name. It’s not real. Names aren’t, any more than souls, or words. Bodies are real, the world is real, and the Hours are real. Your secret name is <secret name>. Be careful whom you tell.

– Teresa

[This is Phase XII.]

Any subsequent emails to her will result in the following reply, titled “Yes”:

You exist.

Taken as a whole, this is a clue that one must focus on what exists, and what is real. In other words, bodies, the world, and the Hours. This leads to the following Ligeia Club page:

The secret name should be kept secret from others, as it will come into play later.


  • 2018-07-07: Phase XII is discovered by the Discord. An interlude follows.
  • 2018-08-15: The interlude ends, and Phase XII is solved by the Discord.

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