In which one opens all the doors.

Solved: 2018-08-21


Like the previous phase, this phase is not labelled, and it is therefore assumed it consists of the door names. Continuing from the previous phase, the same format must be used to figure out the URLs of the doors associated with the Ligeians. The results are summarized in the below table:

The Biting KeyEchidnaThe Savage Door (savagedoor)baldomMonsters lead to Echidna and thus the Savage Door.
The Key of DaysKlêidouchosThe Tricuspid Gate (tricuspidgate)eraDirectly referenced on the key’s page.
The Forest KeyMedusaThe Door in the Wood (doorinthewood)gliReferenced on the key’s page and in the game.
The Mare’s KeyRowenaThe Door to Nowhere (doortonowhere)mpsMust be guessed from the key’s page.
The Key of DavidMorgenThe Summit Gate (summitgate)ediDirectly referenced on the key’s page.
The Key of NightSulochanaThe Wrong Door (wrongdoor)nthecReferenced by Sulochana here.
The Flaying KeyMarinetteThe Kingskin Gate (kingskingate)oncursumBoars are associated with Marinette and thus the Kingskin Gate.

When combined, this leads to the new page: /echidnamarinettemedusamorgenrowenasulochana/baldomeraglimpsedintheconcursum


  • 2018-08-16: Phase XIV is discovered by the Discord.
  • 2018-08-21: Phase XIV is solved by the Discord.

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