In which one declares their affiliation.

Solved: 2019-02-23


This phase, while technically just another numbered phase, does not present any particular challenge. Once one has joined the Discord, one need only visit the #reception-desk channel and declare themselves as either a Bird, a Worm, or a Hokey. Hotel Management will grant the appropriate role shortly, which will provide access to the appropriate channel. The channel descriptions are provided below:

  • #phase-xviii-echoing-lobby: “In the dim lobby of the Hotel Ciervo, Worms and Birds mingle freely. Some have claimed to be both, but they dishonour themselves. Once you have chosen your side at the Reception Desk, await your moment, or declare defeat. [Street noise, and eavesdroppers, can make conversations here very difficult.]”
  • #reception-desk: “Are you Bird, or Worm? Indicate your choice to the management at the reception desk. (Note that ‘Bird’ is the correct choice.)”
  • #pocsind-park: “Phase XIXc. A neglected triangle of parched grass and bravely intended flower-beds behind the Ciervo. In one corner, a tin-roofed shack dispenses burnt coffee. Here congregate the Hokeys, those ambivalents and apathetics who care neither for freedom nor for Glory. Perhaps, some day, they might be permitted to return to polite society. [Conversation is not much easier here.]”

Once the role has been received, one can begin solving the Discord’s puzzles.


  • 2019-02-23: Phase XVIII is discovered and solved by the Discord.

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