In which one is defeated.

Solved: 2019-03-10


Once the appropriate role has been assigned, new channels will unlock and the Naenia bot will respond to certain keywords. The channel descriptions are provided below:

  • #st-doves-kerisham-1985: “For most of the twentieth century, the way to Noon remained open… barely. The ‘Hebe Stanton’ still sailed the old seaways, though she bore another name now. Long fleeing the Hourly quarrels or the Bureau’s purges found their way to the parish church of St Doves, in Kerisham, to give the priest the pass-sign… [This is Phase XIX.]”
  • #cryppys-club: “Phase XIXa. The rooftop club where Birds of a Feather watch the Sunset, and speak of a day when it might bleed no longer. [Conversation is easier here.]”
  • #bar-vienna: “Phase XIXb. The cellar bar where Worms of a Scale grouse about the nature of things and, in theory, plot the downfall of the Hours and the freedom of every other order of being. [Conversation here is easier.]”
  • #pocsind-park: “Phase XIXc. A neglected triangle of parched grass and bravely intended flower-beds behind the Ciervo. In one corner, a tin-roofed shack dispenses burnt coffee. Here congregate the Hokeys, those ambivalents and apathetics who care neither for freedom nor for Glory. Perhaps, some day, they might be permitted to return to polite society. [Conversation is not much easier here.]”

The following keywords will provoke a response from Naenia. Keywords that must be typed exactly as is, without any surrounding text, are marked with an asterisk (*):

  • defeat: Naenia adds the 1985 role.
  • eternity: Naenia reacts with a bird emoji.
  • chaos: Naenia reacts with a worm emoji.
  • management: Naenia reacts with a winter emoji.
  • london: Naenia reacts with a bat emoji.
  • whale: Naenia reacts with an arrow_right_hook emoji.
  • queen juno: Naenia replies with “o demeter, who dwelleth in the earth, who sends up gifts, who art the mare who destroyeth in mercy, in thy name we beseech thee: commend us to thy sister”
  • demeter: Naenia adds the 1935 role.

The clue for progression lies in the #phase-xviii-echoing-lobby channel description, which asks players to “admit defeat”. One must therefore type the word defeat to advance. Then, in the next channel, one must use the channel description to type queen juno. This triggers a response which hints at the word demeter, which itself grants access to Phase XX.


  • 2019-02-23: Phase XIX is discovered by the Discord. An interlude follows.
  • 2019-03-10: Phase XIX is solved.

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