In which one is regarded by Tristero.

Solved: 2018-06-21


Entering the password “OX1 3QF” into the Dropbox link reveals a file called “tristeros_regards.txt” in the “terrible_lizards” folder containing the following text:

At the Hotel Ciervo, one may speak of Feather, or of Scale.

Not many in Noon now consider themselves Birds of a Feather, but fewer still will say they’re Worms of a Scale. Most come to Noon to remain apart.

But there are those who work to ensure the war is won as they would wish it. St David’s Key, the Biting Key, the Forest Key, among many others, are their weapons and their prizes. Their messages pass in secret among those who Know and those who do not.

[This is Phase V.]

The key here lies in the first line, which calls back to Phase I with the formula “At X” to recall email (replacing Noon with Hotel Ciervo this time). To solve the phase, one need only send an email containing either “Feather” (for Birds) or “Scale” (for Worms) to “Their messages pass” can also be taken as a hint to email.


  • 2018-06-21: Phase V is discovered and solved by the Discord.

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